My Five Favorites Friday … It’s this new thing I just made up

Each week I’ll be sharing 5 things I’m currently loving — fitness, food, fashion, or Fenway related. Be prepared to either be inspired to try something new or disappointed by many of my superficial favorites like lipgloss and hair products. Ha. 

#1. The MB SlingShot Hip Circle


I love this all the time but I've used it alot this week so it's #1 on my list. This little bugger is an awesome accompaniment for any lower body workout. In fact, the majority of my clients will see “banded glute work” on their training plans. I always ALWAYS have one of these in my gym bag. I use my hip circle for hip thrusts, seated or walking abductor work, banded air squats, and frog pumps to name a few. The blue “medium” is a good moderate amount of tension for most individuals. You can get one for about $27 on Amazon.


#2. Walking into a Colorado Starbucks like this:


....In just a sports bra and not getting dirty looks. It feels great to fit in with other fitness freaks 😉, which almost never happened in Brunswick County, North Carolina. As a matter of fact, Brunswick Country  does not even have a Starbucks... So there's that 


#3. Bacon + Peanut Butter


This is not a new combination to some but I discovered it this week when I didn’t feel like putting the last slice of bacon in the fridge so I just went ahead and made 4 slices for breakfast instead of my usual 3 and therefore felt like, I don’’t also need two eggs today so what can I add to my plate so it’s not just a plate of bacon? The answer: Peanut Butter. O. M. G. Soooooo good. 


#4. Fenway’s Gay Pride Bow-tie 🌈


Wednesday was National Coming Out Day and while Fenway is not gay (at least i don’t think so), she 100% supports LGBTQ rights🏳️‍🌈  and generally loves everyone… except men in hats and men in doorways and anyone using a vacuum. 


#5. BUXOM Full-On Lip Polish in SOPHIA

Buxom Sophia review.JPG

Probably the best limp plumping gloss I’ve ever used. It’s not too sticky and the pump factor doesn’t leave you feeling like you just rubbed jalapeño seeds all over your lips, which is always nice. For added gloss, the “sweetheart pink” shade of SOPHIA color goes really well over nude lip shades, too.  ‘Cause sometimes you wanna go nude in the morning and then gloss it up for late night fun 💁🏼 (for me that means going to the gym ‘cause that’s what I do at night). Who doesn’t love variety?  Am I right?  Can you say #Basic. Here’s the link


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