… It’s this new thing I made up

Each week I’m sharing 5 things I’m currently loving — fitness, food, fashion, or Fenway related. Be prepared to either be inspired to try something new or disappointed by my many superficial favorites like lipgloss and hair products. Ha. 

#1 Glute/Hamstring Extensions


They’re like back extensions but better cause they help build that “high booty” everyone wants but only so many of us are gifted with. Here’s how to do ‘em:

Hop on a glute/ham machine with the pad adjusted so it’s slightly below the hips. Place your feet at a 45 degree angle. Place your hands across your chest and round down through the upper and lower back. Press your hips into the pad, squeeze the glutes, keep your chin tucked, and allow your hip extensors to do the work as your torso is raised back to the starting position, all while keeping the glutes engaged. Add 3-4 sets of 12-15 unweighted reps to the end of your next lower body workout.

Here’s an in-depth video by the #GluteGuy himself: https://youtu.be/toJa7qvMRQA  

#2 Avocado Oil


Since moving from the humid Carolinas to the semi-arid Colorado climate my skin is as dry and flakey as a Burger King breakfast croissant. I straight up slather on avocado oil instead of body lotion these days and now I’m as buttery as Bo’Jangles chicken biscuit. (Not that I’ve ever eaten either). I also use Vitamin-E oil on my face a few times a week and if it wasn’t 40% more expensive than avocado oil, I’d use it on my body, too. A bottle of avocado oil is only about $10 and lasts 2-3 months with 2x daily use.

#3 OutLaw Yoga


If it wasn’t for Mark’s Outlaw Yoga classes on Sundays (which are free BTW) I would have never met the amazing community of Outlaw Yogis whom I now call my friends, especially the Carrier’s who are basically mine & Kevin’s soulmates. If you know me from my Coach K days at CrossFit Ocean Isle Beach then please imagine me as a yoga instructor but with a beard, and a Harley, and a beer in hand….. And now you basically know Mark! He’s the friggin best and I am so looking forward to Sex Toy Secret Santa with this crew. Yes, SEX TOY SECRET SANTA!

#4 GymShark Leggings

For about 9 years I wore nothing but lululemon. Head. To. Toe. lululemon. But these GymShark high waisted seamless leggings are life-changing. I have them in every color and want to wear them everyday because through their patented trickery technology they make me look like I have a squat booty, when in fact, I have only squat-quads (and giant ones at that). Get them! You’ll thank me! Unless you only do CrossFit… Then I do not suggest these pants for you because if you bend over to do a burpee everyone will see the inside of your butthole. #KeepingItReal

#5 Triple Sec 3-in-1 Texturizer


I have tried probably every texturizer/volumizer/dry shampoo out there and this is hands down my favorite. Currently the one hair product I use daily for textured, voluminous waves. A full sized bottle is about $26 but a little goes a long way! If I have clean, dry hair I spray my the middle to the ends with Triple Sec, curl with a 1.25” barrel, comb through with my fingers, and then lightly spray with this hairspray for loose waves (see below for my 'do). If I didn’t get sweaty 7 days a week via exercise I could pull off 3-day old curls (which I did that one time I didn’t workout for 3 days). Anyway, it’s my favorite and here’s where you can get it.