… It’s this new thing I made up.

Each week I share 5 things I’m currently loving — fitness, food, fashion, or Fenway related. Be prepared to either be inspired to try something new or disappointed by many of my superficial favorites like lipgloss and hair products. Ha. 




OrangeTheory (or OT for short) is heart rate based interval training. Think CrossFit but without barbells and with treadmills and full on high intensity for an hour. If you know me then you probably get that I don’t really need to pay anyone to train me, let alone tell me to run fast on a treadmill. However, there is a value in accountability for everyone, even us who coach others for a living. 

I checked out OT because I wanted to add more high intensity sessions in my weekly workouts and was getting bored with the stairmaster. While I was running on the treadmill during the first “block”, I thought to myself, “I could easily do this at 24/hr Fitness” (the gym where I weight train). But then 15 minutes went by, I’m still running, and I’m encouraged to go “all out”. I cranked the speed up to 11.5 and sprinted for 90 seconds, all while thinking “If I was at 24 Hour Fitness I would have jumped on the side rails and quit.” Therefore, I signed up for a 2x a week membership.  

I’m also digging OT because it’s data based. You’re hooked up to a HR monitor and encouraged to keep your HR in the orange zone for 12 minutes or more each class and in doing so you get “splat points”. I will murder for the most points. Therefore, I push myself just as hard as I would while doing Fran next to Richie Heycock. 

After each class you’re emailed a workout summary that shows you how many splat points you earned, how many minutes you were in each zone, and how many calories you *allegedly* burned. I. Love. Data.

Also, OMG you guys, it is INSANELY organized! If you know me as “Coach K of CrossFit OIB” then you know how much I appreciate organization, structure, and attention to detail. 

Downside: There is little to no actual coaching, movement instructions, or corrections. So if you’re a novice exerciser, you will need to do your own homework on learning proper form. 

Upside: I’m constantly being told, “Great Form!”. Stroke my ego. Stroke it.

#2 Miracle Rice


Miracle Rice & Noodles are low calorie, low/no carb, grain & gluten free, noodle & rice substitutes made from Shirataki noodles. Shiritaki noodles are gelatinous traditional Japanese noodles made from the konjac yam sounds gross but they pretty much take on the taste of whatever you are cooking them with. Me and Kevin have been eating shirataki noodles for years but just recently discovered them in the form of rice via Miracle Rice. 

So far I’ve made cheesy rice, chicken & rice taco bowls, and beef & rice stuffed peppers (see below). We ordered a case of 10 online and shipping was lightening fast. 

IMG_2102 2.JPG

#3 All things Buffalo Plaid

buffalo plaid_.jpg

Call me extra but I love buffalo plaid and I’m glad it’s still in style so I can continue to wear my Billabong jacket and match with Fenway. 

Side Note: What should me & Fenway dress as for Halloween this year?

#4 This Song 

I recently re-discovered this song by She Wants Revenge and forgot how H O T it is. It’s not on both my workout and trail running playlists (ps: I’m will be sharing my favorite workout & running playlists on the blog soon). Listen at your own risk. There is a good chance you’ll get pregnant.

#5 Sunday Strolls with Fenway and THIS view

IMG_2327 2.jpg

We love Colorado. No explanation necessary.

Thanks for reading!


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