It's this new thing I made up last month 

Each week I share 5 things I’m currently loving — fitness, food, fashion, or Fenway related. Be prepared to either be inspired to try something new or disappointed by many of my superficial favorites like lipgloss and hair products. Ha. 


#1 Proscuitto


If you don’t know what Proscuitto is then let me tell you: It’s friggen delicious.

It’s like bacon, only fancier. 

Since switching to low carb/keto over 4 months ago, this delectable dry-cured ham has been my staple snack and I don’t even like ham. Ask me when was the last time I ate a ham sandwich and I’ll tell you: never. But proscuitto! Proscuitto wrapped around mozzarella - proscuitto wrapped around provolone - prosciutto wrapped around my finger fruit roll-up style … That is the real deal. 

The next time you’re at the grocery do yourself a favor and pick up a half pound. It will cost you a billion dollars but every salty, fatty, delectable bite will be worth all the pennies. 

*Side note: I don’t wrap cured meats or anything around my finger. Well, except for the butcher at King Soopers who changes the price on my meat orders to give me a discount. I’m pretty sure I have him wrapped around my finger.


#2 The Fast & Free 7/8 Tight II from Lululemon


These running tights are by far my favorite. They feel buttery soft, fit like a glove, come up high enough to keep the gut in check, can easily be rolled down and remain in place in case you want to air out your belly button (as I often do), and most importantly they stay in place around the under-carriage (aka: the crotch). For whatever reason, I have a difficult time keeping my leggings “high & tight” when I run. It’s possible that I buy them a size too big but I don’t like them tight on my waist. It’s also even more possible that my ginormous legs + gravity = saggy crotch. Idk what the deal is but I do know the fast & free tight & capri are my new running favs. I have both the 7/8 in garnet and the capri in dark olive. 

#3 Champagne


Call me basic, but you’ll often find me guzzling champagne because I’m basically trying to avoid carbs. There are only 1.5g carbs in a 5 oz glass of champagne! One point five.  And while the alcohol content is lower in a glass of bubbly than in in a clear liquor, I’m not trying to get wasted, I’m just trying to get a case of the giggles without the carb/hangover consequences. 

So if you see me show up at a BBQ carrying my own bottle of champagne it’s not because I think I’m fancy, it’s because I think feeling fit is more important than beer. 

#4 Coffeebooster


Seriously my new favorite food that I just discovered this week. From their site: “Coffee Booster is three top quality, fat-oriented ingredients which make your coffee taste fantastic and keep you focused and energized for longer than ever. Coffee Booster is shelf stable (no refrigerator needed) so it can be used at home, the office, at Starbucks, or even in your car. Just add a scoop, blend, and enjoy!”

It’s made with Ghee, virgin pressed coconut oil, and raw cacao powder. Basically, it’s made from the nectar of the Gods. Seriously, go get some! It does have a slight coconutty taste so if you don’t like the faint flavor of coconut then you should seek immediate medical attention because there is something inherently wrong with you. 

Side note: At $19.99 per 14 fl ounce jar, it’s not cheap. But it is worth it! 

Other side note: Be sure to watch my Instagram & Facebook stories for coffee inspiration cause I drink like 15 cups a day, post about all of my cups of coffee and what I’m putting in them, and also discuss other things like what I eat in a day and whether or not I’m constipated. I #KeepItReal

The best cup of coffee. Hands down. 

The best cup of coffee. Hands down. 

#5 Mid-Week Skiing


I’m not trying to brag but having the ability to drive less than 2 hours to ski for the afternoon on a Wednesday is pretty friggen dope and completely worth uprooting our lives from the east coast to move to Colorado. Have I mentioned how much we love living here?

Side note: Kyle, if you’re reading this… I would NOT trade an afternoon brunching and shop-shopping with you & Ada for anything in the world. Except for brunching, shop-shopping, drinking champagne and eating froyo in Colorado… with you & Ada.