It's this new thing I'm doing this week! 

Today I'm sharing a couple of Black Friday deals on products that I'm totally stoked about. I'm sure you've been inundated with a million Black Friday emails today so imma make this real quick. K? K :)


#1 UNTIL Jewelry Designs 30% off 


My amazingly talented jewelry designer sister has extended a Black Friday deal especially for YOU! Use my code REALTALK for 30% your entire order. *One use per customer.* Here's the link!  



#2 Kegenix™ PRIME Spend $50 Get FREE IGNITE Spray!


You know I love Kegenix products soooooo much. I use both the above-pictured PRIME and the IGNITE spray. 6 sprays of IGNITE and I'm ready to hit my workout like whoa! 

Go ahead and get some for yourself right damn here

#3 KetoGeek Energy Pods BOGO FREE!


This is a new favorite of mine, yet to make my 5 favorites list because well, I just tried them out for the first time last week. And OMG the Chocolate Fudge is so good I wanna take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant. Ya' feel?

Here's the link to get yours! 

#4 FRE 123FRE Set is 50% off


I've been using the 123FRE skincare set for well over 2 weeks and I honestly love it! I have both bad skin (think 14-year-old hormonal boy) and I sweat... A LOT! Seriously, between hot yoga, OrangeTheory, weight training, and now skiing twice a week; there is not a day that goes by where I don't break a sweat. So the great thing about this line of skincare is that it is formulated for skin THAT SWEATS!!

Here's the link to get your 123FRE set for 50% off! A set lasts for 3 months. 


#5 Coach K & Fenway  


Tis' the season of overindulging and regret. Or is that just me and Fenway? 

I get it, we all share the same primal desire to look good naked buuuuuut we also really enjoy Christmas cookies. So I totally understand wanting to wait until after the holidays to commit to a nutrition or training plan, which is why I am opening up 20 spots NOW for nutrition & fitness coaching to begin in January. 

Here’s the kicker: Commit NOW to begin in January and you’ll get an extra 4 weeks of Nutrition Coaching! BOOM 💥 

Here’s what ya get:

  • Workout from anywhere. Your home. Your hotel room. At the beach. In the mountains. 
  • Easy to follow 12 weeks of customized training and/or meal plans to include tips and tricks for staying on track with your goals. 3 phases of training, cardio/conditioning, and macro/meal plan guidance. 
  • 12 weeks of motivation and support.
  • Much needed accountability where you log your daily workouts & nutrition to stay on track.
  • ME, as your coach.

Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, or you just want to learn how to fuel your body properly, you will get a personalized nutrition plan, training plan, or BOTH built specifically for YOUR needs. No more guesswork, no more stress. I will teach you how to eat on your own terms while establishing healthy habits. I will work with you on a daily basis to keep you motivated and on track. Consider me your secret weapon to hit any goal, no matter what it is. 

CONTACT ME for more info about my 12-week nutrition & training programs and get yourself on the commit list for January!!