Welcome to my blog!


This is a place where I will share all things fitness & nutrition, my thoughts, my feelings, my client's accomplishments, and more. However, I must warn you I am not a very good writer. I misuse commas and semi-colons like whoa. I misspell common words like convenience, benefits, and relieved. I guess I have a problems with my "i's" and "e's". I proofread my writing but don't always catch my mistakes, (or even identify them as mistakes). Guyyyyyyys, I am sensitive about my grammar skills. (FYI: I just tried to spell grammar with an -er. Thank goodness for auto-correct). I could ask my sister who has a master's degree in English to proofread my content but she's busy with a toddler and well, I have the patience of a toddler.

I ran the website for CrossFitOceanIsleBeach.com for nearly 8 years and managed to create only a handful of blog posts. I either didn't have time or didn't want to deal with the backlash of offending anyone with my "keeping it real personality". But over the course of owning and operating a gym for 8 years, I wrote plenty of blog posts in my head. Now that I've transitioned my nutrition and fitness coaching business to an online format and I work only for myself, my dog, and my online clients, I feel like I can finally be myself and say what I think you might want/need to hear. This will either make or break me, haha!

So... if you can handle it, you'll just have to put up with me writing just as I speak, (like a neanderthal). While I don't always express myself in the most grammatically correct way, I do have a lot to share.  

I hope you'll stay connected!


Coach k