Fun Fact About Me: I ❤️ fashion. I was actually voted Best Dressed Class of ‘99, which I owe all to my best friend who let me raid her closet on the daily because I was poor and didn’t have shit of my own.

I've got Champagne taste on a beer budget. Always have. Always will.

My style is primarily ‘Comfortably Casual / Slightly Homeless / Layer Slayer’.

I can ruin a really great outfit with a pair of stretchy pants and conversely dress up a really great pair of stretchy pants with a halfway decent top. You know, cause I got dem quads for dayyyys. Anyway, imma post more about my #ootd because, again, I ❤️ fashion, I have giant quads (and shoulders, and lats, and hamstrings, and calves) and I know some of you do, too.  Slim Thick girls deserve to be styling, too. Ya feel?

You can shop this exact look below! 

You can shop this exact look below!